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Tired of those “Buffering Blues”?

Have you reset your modem so many times you can do it in your sleep? Dial-up keeping you in the dinosaur age? DSL Company giving you the run-around? Our new super fast Internet Service keeps your online activities running smoothly all month long.

25 Mbps Speeds on all our Plans!

Our Video Data Saver Technology keeps the video streaming all month long in DVD quality video, even if you use up your full speed data. PLUS, it allows you to use one-third the data with your full speed data so you don’t waste your Gigs watching Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other video streaming services. If you use these, and other services, have a SmartTV, ROKU, AppleTV or Firestick you will love our service!

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place…

With plans starting at $49.99/month we have a plan for every budget and all of our plans have the fastest speeds available. We even give you an extra 50 Gigs Full Speed Data every morning from 2 am to 8 am included free! Download movies, update your computer or do a whole system back up.

Never be surprised by an outrageous bill again!

If you use up all your full speed data, your service will still run at 1 Mb/s for the remainder of your billing cycle. With our Video Data Saver Technology, you can still watch DVD Quality video! You can even buy extra Gigs of data to get you through. Remember, every morning from 2 am to 8 am it still runs full speed, even if your daytime data is all used up.

No Hassle, No Problems…

Have peace of mind knowing exactly how much your internet bill will be each month. With your free Online Account Management Tool, you can update your billing information, check data usage on an easy to read gauge, upgrade or downgrade your plan or get extra gigs of full speed data 24/7 without having to call. Extra Gigs are $3/Gig.

PLUS- an EXTRA 50 Gigs
from 2am-8am!

Call now for a FREE STANDARD INSTALLATION! (normally $199.99)

Call 1-(888) 538-5440 to schedule an Installation today!